Would you like to see list of top 10 most loyal dog breeds in the world?Have you ever had a chance to see unwavering loyalty and devotion?It's difficult to single out the world's most loyal dog breeds, but I have tried to presentsome breeds that are known as particularly devoted all around the world. Let's take a look at the list of top 10 most loyal dog breeds in the world:

10*Shetland Sheepdog*

The Shetland Sheepdog is a herding dog that originated in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. They are emotional and extremely loyal to their owners, so they require a gentle andloving family. Shetland Sheepdogs are:

playful, gentle and strong.

9*Great Pyrenees*

The Great Pyrenees, also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is a big, strong and beautifullivestock guardian dog. This guard dog is very aggressive toward all predators trying to harm his flock, but heis still gentle and good to smaller animals you entrust to him for safekeeping. The Great Pyrenees are: self-confident, well-behaved, fearless, patient, strong and gentle. Their goal in life is to protect livestock and people, and they are extremely committedto that goal.

8*The Kuvasz*

The Kuvasz is an ancient dog breed of Hungarian origin. They were used as royal guard dogs and guardians of livestock. Because of their beauty and exceptional loyalty to their family, they are becoming increasinglypopular as pets. The Hungarian Kuvasz dogs are: loyal, patient, independent, intelligent and protective. These ancient guard dogs have very pronounced protective instincts. Due to their exceptional loyalty and protectiveness, they are able to easily perceive threats instrangers. It is necessary to treat these dogs well, let them socialize early on, and teach themhow to act toward strangers.

7*The American Staffordshire Terrier*

The American Staffordshire Terrier makes for a strong and brave pet. They were used as fighting dogs in the past, but today these beautiful, intelligent andextremely loyal dogs can often be seen as pets. American Staffordshire Terriers are: brave, stalwart, loyal, devoted, friendly and attentive. The American Staffordshire Terrier loves all members of the family, including children. Although they have a bad reputation for being aggressive, they are in fact very friendlytoward people, love meeting new people, and love spending time with them. They are exceptionally loyal and obedient, and they will behave the way you teach themto behave.

6*The Scottish Rough Collie*

The Scottish Rough Collie is a very pretty dog with a long coat. These pets were used as sheep herding dogs in Scotland. They became popular after various published books, movies and TV series that includedthese dogs. There was a very popular film named „Lassie Come Home“ in which the Scottish Rough CollieLassie tries to make it back home after her owners are forced to sell her. But let's get back to the breed's description. Scottish Collies are exceptionally good and devoted family dogs that love learning, arewell-behaved with all members of the family, and will do their utmost to protect them. The Rough Collie as a pet is: intelligent, friendly, protective, active, gentle and devoted.

5*The German Boxer *

The German Boxer is a very devoted pet whose temperament isn't aggressive by nature. Still, they are guard dogs that get very attached to their owners and if they perceive danger,they will react instinctively to protect them. German Boxers are: fearless, loyal, happy, energetic, intelligent, self-confident, braveand peaceful. Their fearless devotion affords them 5th place on the list of the most loyal and devoteddog breeds in the world.

4*The Rottweiler*

The Rottweiler is a mid-sized dog that has a reputation for being very dangerous andaggressive, are they really dangerous?It should be said that Rottweilers are well-known for their loyalty, courage, strength, andparticularly good guard dog characteristics. These dogs love being with their owners and protecting them. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving your Rottweiler all alone in the yardfor an entire day. Rottweilers are: calm, fearless, obedient, good-natured, careful, self-confident, assertive,peaceful and brave. If you devote yourself to these dogs, you will have a strong and faithful companionfor life

And now for the top 3 most loyal and devoted dog breeds in the world, ready?

3*The Akita*

The Akita breed originates from the mountainous regions of Japan. These dogs are extremely protective, loyal, always vigilant, they do not bark and mayattack without warning. Letting these dogs socialize early in their life is absolutely necessary. These dogs may indeed be wary of strangers, but they are obedient and good to their families. Akitas are: obedient, sensitive, careful, independent, calm, loyal and protective. There is an interesting true story about the loyalty of an Akita dog named Hachikō whocontinued waiting for his owner every single day for 9 years after he passed away. His owner was a professor at the Tokyo Imperial University and commuted to work on a dailybasis. As the professor returned home from work, he would find his devoted pet waiting forhim at the station every day. The professor eventually died of a cerebral hemorrhage while giving a lecture, and hisloyal pet would still come back to the station to wait for his owner for 9 years after theevent. This faithful dog is still remembered and celebrated in popular culture the world over. He has become a symbol of loyalty and true devotion

2*The Doberman*

is known as a very loyal and intelligent dog breed. They are faithful guard dogs that will do everything in their power to protect theirowners. Doberman dogs are: fearless, devoted, obedient, energetic, intelligent, attentive and self-confident. These dogs were bred to be personal protection dogs in the past. They possess the ideal characteristics of restraint, loyalty, intelligence and fearlessnesswhen it comes to defending their owners. That is precisely why they are used as: personal protection dogs, police dogs and war dogs. They demonstrate exemplary loyalty and devotion in all their assignments. In just a few seconds you will see the most loyal and devoted dog breed in the world.

1*German Shepherd Dog*

German Shepherds are a relatively new dog breed that was bred for herding sheep. However, because of their exceptional characteristics such as obedience, loyalty, devotion, andintelligence, they were given various other tasks. German Shepherds are used as: search and rescue dogs, service dogs for people with disabilities,acting dogs, police dogs and military dogs. German Shepherds will do their best to excel in every role given to them. As pets, they will follow their owners, serve them with loyalty and devotion, stay vigilant,and they won't be afraid to act if anyone tries to harm their owners. German Shepherds are: loyal, careful, hardworking, obedient, self-confident, brave and highlyintelligent. These dogs are so loyal that they are prepared to risk and sacrifice their lives for theirowners at any moment. That is the very definition of true devotion, and that's exactly why they are first on thelist of the most loyal dog breeds in the world. The owners of German Shepherds often say you'll never know unconditional loyalty until you'vehad one of these dogs. It is extremely difficult to single out the most loyal dog breeds in the world. The most devoted dogs will sacrifice their very lives for their owners and families shouldit be necessary, and I have attempted to pick out the most well-known ones. There are surely many other dog breeds that could find their place on this type of list. If you know of any, I invite you to share them with us in the comments section.

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