You love big dogs, but you live in an apartment?

    Big dogs for apartments can easily adjust to life in an apartment and believe me, thenumber one dog breed on this list will very much surprise you. It's often thought that only small dogs are ideal for living in an apartment, but is thattrue?Of course, it isn't!And there are some specific characteristics of big dogs, such as physical inactivity,tenderness, and calmness that make them an excellent choice for living in smaller spaceslike apartments or small houses. Now let's take a look at the list of the TOP 10 best large dog breeds for the apartmentliving:

10*Newfoundland *

   Newfoundland Dogs are gentle giants. They are large and sturdy dogs with an extremely gentle temperament. Newfoundland Dogs are: friendly, intelligent, considerate, loyal and peaceful. They love children and families, want to please their owners, and they're great with otherdogs and strangers. They require a lot of attention and brushing three times per week. They're not overly active and they don't have too much energy, but they still need dailyphysical activity.

9*The Bernese Mountain *

  The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large working dog from the Swiss farms that, aside fromgreat working dog traits, is well suited to living in both houses and apartments. Bernese Mountain Dogs are: intelligent, gentle, loyal and dependable. They are big, strong dogs that tend to be rather friendly and relaxed. However, they can shed a lot, are prone to barking and they need to be physically activeevery day. These traits place them on the ninth spot of this list.

8*The English Mastiff*

  The English Mastiff is a fairly large and heavy dog breed. On the other hand, they tend to be calm and good household pets. English Mastiffs are: protective, dignified, good-natured, kind, calm and brave. Some characteristics that make them good pets are, aside from their calmness, their decreasedlevel of activity and their extremely weak tendency to bark, even though they are veryprotective dogs. The only problem with English Mastiffs living in apartments is their big size and weight. Why?Their sheer massiveness can be a hindrance if you live on higher floors of buildingswithout an elevator. For example, would you be able to carry this big dog down the stairs if he got sick?So be careful and consider multiple factors if you're thinking of getting a big dog

7*The Great Dane*

   The Great Dane is a large, sensitive, friendly and remarkably gentle giant. Owners who keep them inside their houses state they are in love with these dogs. Seeing a Great Dane sleeping next to their owner is not a rare occurrence, why?They simply love having their owner's attention and they get along really well with dogs,people, and other animals. Great Danes are: friendly, self-confident, elegant, careful, gentle and loyal. Their weak points are their desire for physical activity and tendency to bark a lot. If you are able to handle these characteristics, then these gentle giants may just be a perfectfit for you.

6*The English Greyhound*

   The English Greyhound is known far and wide for its great speed and outstanding racingcharacteristics. These dogs can still easily adapt to living in apartments and smaller spaces though. How?Greyhounds are: intelligent, aloof, polite, athletic, gentle, quiet. Although Greyhounds are among the very best racing dogs out there, they do not requiremuch physical activity. Why?Dog races consist of sprinting, not endurance. This means your Greyhound doesn't need to keep very active to remain satisfied, andthey even like to have a nap in the meantime. Along with that, they are extremely friendly and dislike barking.

5*The German Boxe*

   The German Boxer is a dog breed that gets extremely attached, and they are fearlesswhen it comes to protecting their owners. Still, they are inherently good and friendly dogs. German Boxers are: self-confident, intelligent, fearless, energetic, brave, faithful, happyand calm. These dogs possess average characteristics when it comes to adapting to life indoors. Their only big drawback is their exceptionally high demand for physical activity. They necessitate a lot of activities such as walks, running and daily playing.

4*The Bullmastiff*

   The Bullmastiff is a fearless guardian of their family. They like thinking with their heads, yet adore their families. Bullmastiffs are: protective, dependable, loyal, attentive, brave, strong, gentle, calmand devoted. What makes them a great choice for apartment living is that they shed very little, don'tcare too much for keeping physically active, and have a friendly disposition toward allmembers of the family.

 Now follow the top 3 best large dog breeds for apartment living, let's take a look!

3*The Clumber Spanie*

   Clumber Spaniels are dogs with very desirable traits for living in apartments and smallerhouses. So what are they?This is a dog breed that is going to adapt to you. Clumber Spaniels are: dignified, calm, faithful and gentle. Perfect for first-time owners, they are very sensitive and slow, quiet workers. They have next to no tendency to bark and they demand very little in the way of physicalactivity. The only problem with these dogs is shedding. They require daily brushing in order to reduce the amount of hair they leave around the house. If you believe this fact would bother you, I would recommend considering another dogbreed.

2*The Dogue De Bordeaux*

  The Bordeauxdog, or the French Mastiff, is an exceptionally large and muscular dog breedthat can haul heavy objects with relative ease. On the other hand, they usually dislike openly showing their strength. Dogues de Bordeaux are wonderful dogs for indoor living due to their calmness, tendencyto not bark, reduced demand for physical activity, and the love and adoration they show theirowners. Dogues de Bordeaux are: sociable, devoted, careful, faithful and courageous. Do be careful if your friends tend to visit you often since these dogs don't always reactto strangers and other dogs in the best of ways.

1*The Afghan Hound*

   The Afghan Hound is an extraordinarily beautiful, dignified and independent dog breed. When at home, they tend to enjoy simply lounging around in peace, which makes them outstandingpets for living in houses and apartments. Afghan Hounds are: dignified, reserved, independent and happy. Although they are very relaxed at home, they love walking and running. Despite that, they don't have great endurance, so they do not require a huge amount of physicalactivity. What about some other traits that make them the best big dogs for your apartment?They love all members of their household, they don't drool, they don't bark much andthey are very good at adapting to smaller spaces. All these things add up to make them amazing pets for your house or apartment. Why did I single out these 10 specific dog breeds as the best?Understandably, every dog owner has their own set of preferences, right?What are some good characteristics of big dogs for the apartment?Friendliness toward people, decreased demand for physical activity, a tendency to barkless and minimal shedding. These are just some of the desirable traits. If you are new to the wonderful world of dogs, I invite you to join me and take a look atthe other videos I made for you in the info card and video description. Large dogs are nonetheless irresistible and very committed pets. Traits such as being calm, gentle or physically inactive make them a great choice for ownersliving in smaller spaces like apartments, wouldn't you agree?These breeds are some of the best, but each of them has certain advantages and disadvantageswhen compared to other breeds. It isn't easy trying to single out the very best big dogs for apartment living. Every dog breed is unique in its special way and has its own specific set of characteristics. It's up to the future dog owners themselves to determine which set of characteristicssuits them best, don't you agree?If I failed to mention a particular breed, or if you would like to share a suggestionor some other information with us, I would appreciate if you leave us a comment!

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